Florida Blockchain Conference

Florida Blockchain Conference – YouTube

The Gator Blockchain Club is proud to present the Inaugural Florida Blockchain Conference on November 2nd, 2018. This educational event will be concentrated for students, blockchain enthusiasts, and professionals interested in learning -The Gator Blockchain Club is an official student group at the University of Florida. The mission of GBC is to promote and raise awareness of blockchain technology throughout the University of Florida community. We believe blockchain is a powerful technology that has the potential to revolutionize the global economy. Our goal is to inspire and prepare the next generation of blockchain pioneers. Speaker order in the video: 1- The Intersection of Blockchain and Human Rights By Anessa Santos Attorney at Law at Allen Santos 2-Blockchain 101 By Gabe Higgins Co-Founder Blockspaces, Rosa Shores Co-Founder of BlockSpaces 3- The Future of Tokenization By Perianne Boring President of the Chamber of Digital Commerce 4- Regulatory, Tax and Accounting Challenges 5- Analyzing and Investing in the Assets Class By Alex Sunnarborg Founder of TetrasCapital 6-Blockchain Regulation in Florida By Samuel Armes Executive Director at Florida Blockchain Business Association 7-Privacy in Blockchain Assets By Aaron Feickert, Ph.D. Monero Developer 8- Beyond Blockchain By Brent Philbin Founder of CryptoBasic Podcast 9-Blockchain Technology and the Real World Applications By Marko Suvajdzic Associate Director of Digital Worlds Institute, and Associate Professor at UF 10-Digital Economics By Palveshey Tariq CEO Protonode Strategies, Co-Founder Florida Blockchain 11-What is ICO? By Tao Li, Ph.D. Professor at UF Warrington College of Business 12-Threats to Blockchain By Mark Jamison, Ph.D. Professor at UF Warrington College of Business, Co-Founder of Florida Blockchain


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