The Ethereum Virtual Panel with ConsenSys

Don’t miss this event! ConsenSys is one of the biggest companies in the blockchain space!

Come hear from ConsenSys on Nov 8 at 6pm in Stuzin Hall room 103!

ConsenSys is a venture production studio which builds decentralized applications and developer and end-user tools for blockchain ecosystems, primarily on Ethereum. An example of just one of their products is Grid+, a project aimed at changing the way electricity is consumed and even traded. ConsenSys creates tools like Truffle which most Ethereum dApp developers use!

We will have two speakers joining us:

  • Will King is a Project Manager and skilled programmer. He will be here to represent the business side of ConsenSys and will answer any business related questions, but is certainly experienced enough to comment on the technical side.
  • Joe Bender is a Decentralization Engineer. He currently develops decentralized applications at ConsenSys. He will be here to talk about any interesting technical questions you may have!

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